Comprehensive Marketing Guidance for the Online Learning Consortium

Content Curation, Demand Generation, Go-to-Market, Social Programs
About This Project

This non-profit dedicated to accelerating online learning in higher education relied on private funding for 20 years until it had to migrate to a self-sustaining model.


abConsulting was tapped to create a complete rebrand and strategic go-forward marketing plan. We gave them a new name — the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) — supported by a comprehensive sales-oriented website, a scaleable marketing infrastructure including the Marketo and Salesforce marketing automation platforms, and a fully integrated marketing management program.


OLC retained abConsulting for many years to offer the team continuous support for their web, social, email and content marketing programs. Before moving on, we created simplified content templates and trained the internal staff with a with a content marketing blueprint to propel their marketing initiatives forward.