A Content Strategy With Great Results for Twilio

Content Curation, Social Programs
About This Project

Twilio acquired Authy, a 2FA company we were actively blogging. The team needed to go beyond the blog and wanted an assist to drive demand generation for this specific application.

We devised a marketing plan that included a series of webinars, ebooks and content syndication across popular technology sites and targeted account-based list rental outreach. Did we mention we did all that in a two-week window?  Our client wanted to tap into a Q2 budget and begin their lead acquisition program to secure more leads sooner than later and nurture them to the point of SQL. Check out the e-books below.

No sooner had we made traction for their 2FA product line, we were asked to help build a content strategy for the organization, which resulted in an 80% increase in SEO rankings, and marketing campaigns which increased by 45%.


Some sample work below:

Whitepaper Series:

Plus we crafted over 100 customer stories and keyword-based articles like these:

HR-specific ebook and sample blogs: