Building Brand for Dun & Bradstreet NetProspex

Content Curation, Demand Generation, Go-to-Market
About This Project

As marketers ourselves, we love data and analytics! And no one knew it better than NetProspex, an early pioneer in helping corporate sales and marketing teams build great prospect databases. For over five years, we worked with NetProspex to define their voice, their brand image, and tell their story. We pitched and produced dozens of datasheets, ebooks, buyer’s guides, advertisements, sales presentations. One of our favorite “take-a-meeting” direct mail pieces (yes, we do non-digital assets, too!) yielded a 100% return!


abConsulting also served as a pinch hitter for their product marketing team when they were understaffed.  And we helped Netprospex transition assets to the Dun & Bradstreet branding when they were acquired in 2015, and beyond.